Monday, January 4, 2010

Blogger vs Wordpress

I had to take some time out to praise Google's blogger platform.
Most bloggers sing the praises of, but I am a fan of  When I decided to start my first blog, I checked out
both platforms and I liked what Google was offering and I have not
regretted my choice.  My second blog, Anti-Aging Truths, is with
wordpress.  Although wp is user friendly, it is not as user friendly as
google, for a first time blogger.  Google platform allows you to
easily choose and implement widgets, while with wp you can easily
choose widgets but not all are easy to implement if you are a novice.
With google when you make your choice or editing your widgets,
you can preview your blog to see the effects/to make sure that you
like the position.  When you are satisfied with your results and you
save your changes, that is exactly how your blog will appear.  Unlike
wp, where even though the steps are simple you can not always see
your changes after you make them, it is frustrating.  Google is also
very easy to monetized with adsense, as appose to wp where you
have to do research on how and where to place the code.  My only
problem with google's blogger is that it is not as easy to verify your
site with yahoo, bing nor even google; while wp has a tool verifier to
verify all three codes easily.

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