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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Google Loves Blogs With Original Posts

I always heard that Google loves blogs with original posts, therefore
do not go to those free articles sites and post those articles on your
site.  Well I beg to differ, I have been posting only my personal
thoughts and recommendations on my blog and Google slap me
down any way.  On the other hand, I have another blog that I use
a mixture of my original posts and free articles and that blog is
doing well with google. No webmaster seems to know the guide-
lines that google works with when it come to ranking your site.
As a blogger you are told to keep away from black hat tricks;
get back links by commenting on blogs and forums; try pay per
click advertising; get RSS feeds; no prognography; no copy
and paste other persons' materials, and the list goes on.
Therefore based on my experienced, and since I have fol-
lowed all the rules and still got shot down, I can only conclude
that google must be ranking sites based primarily on the amount
of traffic to each site.

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