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Saturday, January 2, 2010

Autoblogging software

I must confess that recently blogging has been taking a lot out of me,
hence I decided to look into autoblogging with more interest.  The
bloggers payback that I absolutely love, offers an autoblogger
software package.  When you first purchase the bloggers payback
program, you are given an one time offer for the autoblogging
package, which is separate and distinct from the bloggers payback
price, if you decline that offer, after that you pay US$57.00.  So I
paid the $57.00 and downloaded my package.  Jason did a good
job with the video tutorial, but unfortunately for me, the most
important part for me, was where he fell down, because it surrounded
the extracting of files via filezilla.  I have never used filezilla and found
it difficult to understand, and to top it all off, I could not get connected
to the server via filezilla.  I tried every suggestion offered by filezilla
forum and other support, and nothing worked for me.  At the end I
was totally frustrated and I asked for a refund.  I am still using the
bloggers payback and I still think it is better than a lot a offers I am
being bombarded with on a daily basis. Just so you know, if you are
thinking about autoblogging and want to try Jason's package make sure
you know about filezilla. 

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