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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Kindle Wireless Reader

Another money maker is the "Kindle Wireless Reader", it reported
to have been November's best selling product.  I am sure it sales
records will more than double for Christmas.  All book lovers
are giving it great reviews, even the "Days Of Our Lives" actress,
Alison Sweeney tweets about how much she loves her Kindle.
The only negative I have heard about the Kindle is that it has
typos but I am sure that any upgrade will rectify that problem.
I guess when you weigh that against the great number of books
one can easily download and stock in that little device, to be
read at a moment notice, it will be well worth it. 
Consumers aren't lacking in choice for the e-reading gadget of their
dreams, and more options should be on the market this time next year:
Plastic Logic's business-minded Que, color e-readers like the Pixel Q1,
a long-rumored Apple (AAPL) Tablet, and new Kindles
(and textbook-oriented Kindle DXs). There is also sony e-reader.

The Kindle, after all, is available now, for those impatient
holiday shoppers and for those selling these products, they will
earn some extra cash to say the least.

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