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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Jobs Of The Future

We have witnessed first hand worldwide changes in every aspect
of life, some we welcomed and others we feared.  A new generation
of jobs is one aspect that emerged that some of us shall welcome. 
The automotive section which we see as a casualty in this worldwide
economic downfall, shall pick back up by leaps and bounds.
There will be a greater demand for auto designers and engineers
to produce hybrid and energy saving vehicles.  On this line of thought,
we shall see the "green collar jobs"sector strengthening, due to our
quest for a cleaner environment; getting global warming under
control; renewable energy sources; installing wind turbines and solar
panels and so much more.  The health sector shall also see an
explosion of jobs due to the advance in medical technology as well
as the fact that millions of additional persons will now have access
to health care.  Another reason for this movement in health care
will be the result of proactive medical practices as oppose to the
reactive kind that we were practicing before.  There will be
numerous research programs dealing with genes studies, to prevent
us from getting sick in the first place. The business sector shall also
a great demand for consultants and business development specialists.
As new technology and new business ideas emerge, new firms
shall open doors both at home an aboard, hence asking for experts
in International Finance, Ecommerce, Business Statistics,
Information Resource Management, Financial Support Services,
etc.  The last sector I will mention is the "digital space" section.
As we have seen the computer age is here to stay and will
only get more technical.  It has already transformed our lives
in every aspect and as a results some jobs were lost but more were
created and shall continue to be created, there will be no slowing
down in this sector.  There shall be strong future growth in digital
networks, virtual worlds and robotics.

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