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Friday, December 18, 2009

Bing Search Engine

For those of us who advertise through Google because of its
popularity, well you should also consider Bing search engine as
well.  It is gaining in popularity, even outing out the struggling
Yahoo search engine. The company Yahoo, will actually shut
down its search algorithms sometime next year in favor of using
the algorithms designed by Microsoft that power Bing.  Bing went
live in May and its momentum appears to be building both in terms
of traffic and public acceptance.  According to comScore, Bing
nabbed 10.3% of  the total U.S. search market in November, up
from 8% in May. During that time, Yahoo's search share fell to
17.5% in November from 20.1% in May. Google, of course,
continued to show strong numbers, clocking in a 65.5% share in
November up from 65% in May. Google may dominate the sector,
even if Bing becomes a strong second player in the space, that
could mean a huge revenue boost for Microsoft, which is hoping
that the Windows 7 software package will finally give the company
a long-overdue home run in the desktop operating system market.
Two such wins combined could serve to rejuvenate Microsoft.
So I am just letting you know that Google is not the only search
engine out there, give Bing a try, it is also much cheaper and you
do get results.

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