Thursday, December 31, 2009

The 5 Best Investments

Most persons are always on the look out for great investment
opportunities, so here are 5 companies that will definitely give
great returns. 1) Disney is still going strong and more people are
appreciating it as a family adventure, therefore it is not only for
kids anymore. 2) McDonald's, is continuing to diversify and is
catering for healthy eaters.  It is really trying make a name for
it self  by providing a menu with tons of healthy quick meals.
3) Bing is climbing fast and has already surpassed Yahoo, this
is one companiy to watch.  Most people on the internet be they
"buyers or sellers", are now beginning to acknowledge Bing's
worth. 4) Apple, as we know is continuing on the road of
excellence. With its computers and cellphone applications,
its sale figures far surpassed others this year.  Apple is always
looking for ways to top its own record, it is never laid back.
5) Google, this is the big man in the arena, Google is also
continually diversifying, and with its latest investment/takeover
in the mobile sector, there will be no stopping Google now.
Therefore an investment in any one of the 5 mentioned shall
surely bring handsome returns.  Good luck.

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