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Saturday, November 21, 2009

Forex Trading

I have heard the never ending Forex trading success stories and I
decided to check it out. I am yet to understand this money making
system; the good thing about this system is that all the websites that
offers Forex trading give you a trial period with fake money while
you learn. Two main sites/platforms I have been using are and, unfortunately I can not find
a good tutorial from neither site. If I really want to learn I will have
to go and buy ebooks on the topic and hope for the best, but
obviously there is a beginner's learning system some where
because every day more people are getting into this trading.
I have recently come across a new system, I have not tried it yet
but it looks like Jared Johnson knows a few things:
FX Money Makers, Forex Training I have researched this topic
recently and it is not recommended to use those robot forex trading
programs, they can be costly and there is no way to accurately
predict the trading market.  This is only something that a human eye
can do, and only after seeing the numbers each day, so not even a
human can accurately predict the market months in advance.  I know
that it is tempting to get caught up in all those robotic promises
because they make their reasoning easy to follow, and usually
emphasize the fact that when trading one should not be emotional,
which we humans are and robot are not, which true. A lot of people
are being dissatisfied with these robotic programs and are even calling
some scams, I can not give you my experience because my research
on these programs have never shown anything positive for long term
use. I hope you realize by now that I mostly buy products after
reading a number of positive reviews, hence my reason for not
buying any robotic Forex trading systems.  Some of my research
results come from this site:, this is a
very good site to get honest reviews on anything because no one
gets to sell affiliate products through the reviews. This site is also
a money maker because you too can give your honest
reviews for payment, so you can earn extra cash here as well.
Please tell me your experience, leave a note, thanks.

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