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Sunday, November 22, 2009

ClickSense Money Maker

There are a lot of websites that pay you to read emails.  They
usually tell you that the minimum payment is $0.01 per email but
what they really pay is $0.0001, one such site is,
and they are many more like this.  At that rate you will never get
anywhere. I must also tell you that there are some sites that claim to
pay $10.00/email e.g, and $5.00/email e.g and even promise you $50.00 when you sign up.
The last time I checked, these two sites are on the black list for fraud,
but I will encourage you to check for yourself, who knows, they might
have been taken off and gone legit.  One site I know that does offer
legit service is, they offer $0.01/email minimum, it
is slow but sure, you can log on every day and get your emails.
If you want to have access to more emails you can upgrade for
$10.00 which seems to be profitable. If you decide to try any let
me know what you think, or if you know of  any other email sites
that you had success with, please share with us.

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