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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Cell Phone - A Tool For Gobal Development

When the cell phone/mobile phone was introduced to
the world, it was as a phenomenal thing.  It quickly
became a "play toy" for the rich, because it was very
expensive, hence unattainable to the average - poor in
society.  As the years passed, it became less expensive
until eventually every one, in the developed and developing
countries, was able to afford at least one.  This being the
case, every one became reachable, at any time, day or night.
It still remained a toy for all because users could down
load all types of games, music, have personal photos etc.
Nevertheless, there are some other parts of the world where
the cell phone is being discovered as a tool to link the under
privileged with the privileged.  It became Mary Wokhwale,
from Bukaweka, Uganda, means to a livelihood, as a "village
phone" operator.  It is allowing persons in her area and other
underdeveloped parts of the world to make big changes leading
to financial and social freedom. In places where roads are
impassable, one can now communicate with the outer world;
for those persons who have to travel miles to get to a bank,
they have found a solution.  They have developed a system
whereby, a person can top up his/her phone and send money
to another person far away.  This is made possible by village
shops playing the role of make shift banks.   As you can
appreciate these persons have come up with ingenious ideas
and I am sure there shall be more ideas to put into practice.
Who knew that this once luxurious tool would be responsible
for global development!  Please drop me a line, I will love to
hear from you.

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