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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

AutoCashSystem Review

The AutoCashSystem by Lanty Paul has a very good sales page.
It held my attention with his story line, which told you about how
he got his family members to start making money, almost overnight.
I was really curious to see what money maker he had found that
could really make money so quickly.  So I bought it and was
disappointed, I did not find anything that could have given his family
cash over night and also as a non-American, the main thing he
purposed, I was not qualified for.  So for other internationals this
would apply to you also.  He had other recommendations but
they were for a price, I must say that some were good and
probably worth what he was asking but I was so disappointed
with the first step, I felt cheated.  I ask for a refund about 30
minutes after I got it.  Maybe Americans will gain from it but
I do not see anyone getting any substantial cash from it, at least
not without putting a lot of cash in first.  If anyone bought it and
it is working let me know, drop me a line.

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