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Friday, October 2, 2009

Work From Home To Get Rich Quick

I started looking on line for an extra source of income to
strengthen my financial status.  Immediately I came across
numerous programs assuring me that each was the answer
to my prayers.  I gave in to some of the persuasive sales
letters and bought a few; lets just say I had a few
disappointments.  Since then I am more careful and picky
with the programs that I invest in and I only buy programs/ebooks,
through clickbank because of their guaranteed refund system.

Affiliate marketing is my niche in a broad term, since there are
many branches of this niche.  In this niche you must advertise
someone's product and get a commission.  To achieve success
you must get loads of traffic that will hopefully convert into sales,
hence giving you that extra source of income.  Most advisers online
will tell you  that the quickest way to get traffic is pay per click (PPC),
and they are right, but what they don't tell you how much you could
lose with PPC.  An advertiser can spend hundreds of dollars and not
get a sale;  these gurus show us clickbank statement logs as well as
cheques and paypal accounts with huge sums of money they claim to
earn.   Unfortunately some of these statements are faked to get us to
buy into the product and their success; most of the time these gurus
spend a handsome sum to get a significant quantity of sales. If you
are a beginner you should experiment with PPC but also spend time
on free classified ads websites, it maybe more time consuming but
profitable in the long run.

Don't be fooled by these sales letters that are designed to draw you
in, learn to distinguish the fluff from the real thing.  There is no such
program/ebook that can make you rich overnight, success is hard
work, you will get out what you put in. They are some legitimate
sources of income online and as well as honest advisers, just do
your research and very soon it shall all become clear and you too
will be successful.
Good luck.

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