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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Wealthy Affiliate University Review

I was very curious about the Wealthy Affiliate University,
after all the positive things that people who were enrolled
were saying.  So I signed up, I needed to learn more
about SEO and getting tons of unique traffic to my
websites quickly.  I felt for sure that I will quickly find
"the secret answer, the secret techniques", that the gurus
who were running this university would reveal to me
because I was paying them to.  I also thought they would
be beginner's courses where you would start basic level
and move on as you master each step.  Instead I was sent
to a quick start area where I was to join the forum,
introduce myself and look around the website.  There
were no instructions for me, I quickly lost interest that first
visit.  I would go back often, especially after I read another
person's success story, I thought that it was just me who
could not seem to find the answers.  Most of the students
admitted that although the Wealthy Affiliate University
worked for them, it took over a year before they saw
success.  I paid 3 monthly fees, then I stopped, it did not
work for me, I did not want to spend that much money
each month without getting a quicker return.  Maybe
I shall regret quitting too early but for now I have no regrets.
So to those who have their own success stories with
Wealthy Affiliate University, I am happy for you and to
those who are going to enroll, I wish you luck.

Please leave your comments, I will love to hear from you.

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