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Friday, September 18, 2009

I am an Ezine Article Author

As of today I am an Ezine Article Author, my article,
"Reviewing 2 Online Money Makers" - has been accepted 
and published on
I also earned Expert Author status:
This is my first article, and it was such an easy 
process, I can not believe how easy. I am always told
that writing articles, will help my Google ranking, 
but I could never find the time nor the mind set to 
sit down and write an article. Most importantly, 
I never knew what to write about,then it hit me one
day when I was searching for reviews on an online 
money maker I was thinking of buying. There were 
numerous opinions but in the end I was still confused
because I could not tell fact from fiction. So I was
there thinking,"why can't I find just one write up 
that is pure facts, no agenda, nothing to gain?". 
That was when I decided to write my first article 
and hope that it would help at least one person in 
obtaining some clarity in their decision making. 
I hope to continue in the future to provide only 
factual articles that shall not be a waste of your
time.  You can always let me know if I succeed
by dropping me a line here. 
So now that I have achieved this goal, with it comes
the privilege of putting this little "badge of honor"
on my websites. 
So congratulations to me, Yah!!!   

As Featured On EzineArticles

As Featured On EzineArticles 
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  1. Congratulations on having earn the prestigious title at

    Looking forward to more accomplishments from you!