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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Getting Traffic Is Hard Work

Every day there are thousands of people searching the net, desperate
to find an ingenious software that will deliver loads of traffic to their
sites.  As yet there is none that delivers on their promise, so we all
press on and continue to:

1) use ezine solo ads and PPC which gives quick traffic, but it can
be costly if you are inexperienced.

2) find forums and blogs in your niche and leave comments to get
some back links.

3) get yahoo back links with yahoo by leaving an answer
to a question.

4) offer free stuff on website or blog

5) add content to website or blog on a regular basis, google seem like
this a lot.

6) submit website or blog to directories and social networks such as
twitter, facebook, and other social bookmarkers.

7) offer valuable information eg "the top 5 money makers",
where I have a tool that gives me all my information easily:

8) Submit articles to numerous article directories, such as and  If people find them
interesting they can bring loads of hits.  I recently
found a great way to see the most popular articles, hence
check what topic people are looking for, use the keywords
and you will get traffic. Just put in the topic you
are researching follow by this code in the box below, which
you copy and paste, then watch in amazement at what you get. 
I learned this from Jack Duncan:
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