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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Reviewing 2 Online Money Makers

During the short time I have been marketing online I have invested in some "online money makers", some were scams while others were promising. Today I shall tell you about 2 systems that I am using, the Zero Friction Marketing and eCurrency Arbitrage, this is not a sales pitch, just a comparison so relax and read. Both of these systems work similarly but they still differ.

eCurrency Arbitrage and Zero Friction Marketing systems basically work by offering payment to give things away for free. So you buy the systems and in both you get a very detailed tutorial with step by step procedures to earn money online. With both systems you get a great support team anytime to help you. With eCurrency Arbitrage there is even a live call in session every other Wednesday night where people from all over the world participate, also these calls are recorded and placed in the members area for those who could not call in that night. Zero Friction Marketing does not have this feature but you can still call and email for support and the response is quick.

If you are looking to make money online the easiest area is affiliate marketing, where you sign up to sell things for people and get a profit without alot of hard work. These 2 systems deal with affiliate marketing but this area of affiliate marketing is much easier for success because you are not asking anyone the pull out their credit cards, hence they will gratefully accept your gifts, and you get paid.

You also get a lot of bonuses when you buy either one of these products and they are all valuable to have but I think eCurrency Arbitrage has the edge in that it gives you a real free website, while Zero Friction Marketing help you make your own website. Most programs vow to give you a free website but all they really give you is a web page which is not really yours because you can not go behind the scenes and change/add anything You can make millions from having your own website but creating it is not free so this is truly a gift to cherish. With Zero Friction Marketing system you learn of more companies to sign up with for free.

Both systems taught me everything I know so I can not honestly say which is better, but I started with eCurrency Arbitrage and as a non-USA and non-Canadian it was not so easy for me to make money right away, that is when I invested in the Zero Friction Marketing system. Without the knowledge I gained from eCurrency Arbitrage I would not have been as successful with Zero Friction Marketing System, but that is not to take anything away from Zero Friction Marketing because on its own you can be very successful. If you have any queries please ask, I am always willing to help. If you want to see an example of eCurrency Arbitrage free website Click here to see mine, it is still a work in progress.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Affiliate Marketing and Online Money Makers

Affiliate marketing is suppose to be a sure path to
financial freedom. There are alot of people walking around
with fat wallets as a result of affiliate marketing
I believe it was easier two years ago to make a fortune
with affiliate marketing because the competition
was not as fierce as it is today. Some persons would
disagree, saying that there are more products so it
balances out. That maybe so but CPC campaigns
such as Google were not as expensive then as they
are today. So what do you say, in your experience
do you agree or disagree that it is an easy source
of income? Drop me a line, lets chat.