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Thursday, December 31, 2009

The 5 Best Investments

Most persons are always on the look out for great investment
opportunities, so here are 5 companies that will definitely give
great returns. 1) Disney is still going strong and more people are
appreciating it as a family adventure, therefore it is not only for
kids anymore. 2) McDonald's, is continuing to diversify and is
catering for healthy eaters.  It is really trying make a name for
it self  by providing a menu with tons of healthy quick meals.
3) Bing is climbing fast and has already surpassed Yahoo, this
is one companiy to watch.  Most people on the internet be they
"buyers or sellers", are now beginning to acknowledge Bing's
worth. 4) Apple, as we know is continuing on the road of
excellence. With its computers and cellphone applications,
its sale figures far surpassed others this year.  Apple is always
looking for ways to top its own record, it is never laid back.
5) Google, this is the big man in the arena, Google is also
continually diversifying, and with its latest investment/takeover
in the mobile sector, there will be no stopping Google now.
Therefore an investment in any one of the 5 mentioned shall
surely bring handsome returns.  Good luck.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Jobs Of The Future

We have witnessed first hand worldwide changes in every aspect
of life, some we welcomed and others we feared.  A new generation
of jobs is one aspect that emerged that some of us shall welcome. 
The automotive section which we see as a casualty in this worldwide
economic downfall, shall pick back up by leaps and bounds.
There will be a greater demand for auto designers and engineers
to produce hybrid and energy saving vehicles.  On this line of thought,
we shall see the "green collar jobs"sector strengthening, due to our
quest for a cleaner environment; getting global warming under
control; renewable energy sources; installing wind turbines and solar
panels and so much more.  The health sector shall also see an
explosion of jobs due to the advance in medical technology as well
as the fact that millions of additional persons will now have access
to health care.  Another reason for this movement in health care
will be the result of proactive medical practices as oppose to the
reactive kind that we were practicing before.  There will be
numerous research programs dealing with genes studies, to prevent
us from getting sick in the first place. The business sector shall also
a great demand for consultants and business development specialists.
As new technology and new business ideas emerge, new firms
shall open doors both at home an aboard, hence asking for experts
in International Finance, Ecommerce, Business Statistics,
Information Resource Management, Financial Support Services,
etc.  The last sector I will mention is the "digital space" section.
As we have seen the computer age is here to stay and will
only get more technical.  It has already transformed our lives
in every aspect and as a results some jobs were lost but more were
created and shall continue to be created, there will be no slowing
down in this sector.  There shall be strong future growth in digital
networks, virtual worlds and robotics.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Bing Search Engine

For those of us who advertise through Google because of its
popularity, well you should also consider Bing search engine as
well.  It is gaining in popularity, even outing out the struggling
Yahoo search engine. The company Yahoo, will actually shut
down its search algorithms sometime next year in favor of using
the algorithms designed by Microsoft that power Bing.  Bing went
live in May and its momentum appears to be building both in terms
of traffic and public acceptance.  According to comScore, Bing
nabbed 10.3% of  the total U.S. search market in November, up
from 8% in May. During that time, Yahoo's search share fell to
17.5% in November from 20.1% in May. Google, of course,
continued to show strong numbers, clocking in a 65.5% share in
November up from 65% in May. Google may dominate the sector,
even if Bing becomes a strong second player in the space, that
could mean a huge revenue boost for Microsoft, which is hoping
that the Windows 7 software package will finally give the company
a long-overdue home run in the desktop operating system market.
Two such wins combined could serve to rejuvenate Microsoft.
So I am just letting you know that Google is not the only search
engine out there, give Bing a try, it is also much cheaper and you
do get results.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Use Caution If Thinking of Buying Bonds

Recently investors and savers have poured money into bonds and
bond funds, with some persons already seeing price appreciation
that is similar to returns seen in equities.  Experts are warning that
sooner or later with the improvements in the economy, hence the
rise in interest rates, the Federal Reserve will start pulling some of
the stimulus out.  As the ecomony bounces back we shall see raised
rates, making bond prices drop, therefore the bond prices that were
discounted will come back to par.  No one is saying not to buy
bonds, since their prices are still rising, but buy bonds for the
income first versus the price appreciation.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Kindle Wireless Reader

Another money maker is the "Kindle Wireless Reader", it reported
to have been November's best selling product.  I am sure it sales
records will more than double for Christmas.  All book lovers
are giving it great reviews, even the "Days Of Our Lives" actress,
Alison Sweeney tweets about how much she loves her Kindle.
The only negative I have heard about the Kindle is that it has
typos but I am sure that any upgrade will rectify that problem.
I guess when you weigh that against the great number of books
one can easily download and stock in that little device, to be
read at a moment notice, it will be well worth it. 
Consumers aren't lacking in choice for the e-reading gadget of their
dreams, and more options should be on the market this time next year:
Plastic Logic's business-minded Que, color e-readers like the Pixel Q1,
a long-rumored Apple (AAPL) Tablet, and new Kindles
(and textbook-oriented Kindle DXs). There is also sony e-reader.

The Kindle, after all, is available now, for those impatient
holiday shoppers and for those selling these products, they will
earn some extra cash to say the least.

Monday, November 30, 2009

Maverick Money Makers

This is one of the few online money making programs that have
really given people the help they wanted to make money online.
It is an extensive training course with new ideas and very easy
to follow the instructions.  It also offers 24/7 support system,
turnkey systems, blueprints which allow you to just copy his
money making systems and get the same amount of money
without having to hurt your head.   Highest Payout On Cb.
$2,608,138.69 Already Paid To Affiliates In 2009, and he
has added additional bonuses so there is even more money
making potential.
Did you know that today anyone at any age over 18 years old,
from any background can learn how to start making money on
the internet quickly?  You can do this anywhere in the World.
You're no longer an employee!  Working for yourself!
You can start building your financial future, it is not hard at all.
It's important to understand that with just one of the systems you'll
be learning as a member of Maverick Money Makers, you'll learn
how to make a full-time income within your first month of joining.
So imagine if you implement all of the systems, how much money
you could potentially make!  It was specifically designed so that
even someone with no computer experience at all could learn to
use it in just a few minutes!
And the best part is, you can visually see exactly how much money
you're making simply by logging into your account and looking at
your daily sales!
As soon as you submit your order you're guaranteed an immediate
position on the team by joining Maverick Money Makers, or you'll
get your money back, period.

After you are on board, take 60 days to test drive the program.
If you're not making money and or not satisfied with what you have
learned, just ask for a refund. Everyone knows that buying programs
through Clickbank (cb), you are assured a refund, no questions asked.
  So if you are serious about making money online, working for
yourself and living a very comfortable life, then you owe it to
your self to check out this systems.   You only have everything to gain.
Maverick Money Makers

Sunday, November 22, 2009

ClickSense Money Maker

There are a lot of websites that pay you to read emails.  They
usually tell you that the minimum payment is $0.01 per email but
what they really pay is $0.0001, one such site is,
and they are many more like this.  At that rate you will never get
anywhere. I must also tell you that there are some sites that claim to
pay $10.00/email e.g, and $5.00/email e.g and even promise you $50.00 when you sign up.
The last time I checked, these two sites are on the black list for fraud,
but I will encourage you to check for yourself, who knows, they might
have been taken off and gone legit.  One site I know that does offer
legit service is, they offer $0.01/email minimum, it
is slow but sure, you can log on every day and get your emails.
If you want to have access to more emails you can upgrade for
$10.00 which seems to be profitable. If you decide to try any let
me know what you think, or if you know of  any other email sites
that you had success with, please share with us.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Forex Trading

I have heard the never ending Forex trading success stories and I
decided to check it out. I am yet to understand this money making
system; the good thing about this system is that all the websites that
offers Forex trading give you a trial period with fake money while
you learn. Two main sites/platforms I have been using are and, unfortunately I can not find
a good tutorial from neither site. If I really want to learn I will have
to go and buy ebooks on the topic and hope for the best, but
obviously there is a beginner's learning system some where
because every day more people are getting into this trading.
I have recently come across a new system, I have not tried it yet
but it looks like Jared Johnson knows a few things:
FX Money Makers, Forex Training I have researched this topic
recently and it is not recommended to use those robot forex trading
programs, they can be costly and there is no way to accurately
predict the trading market.  This is only something that a human eye
can do, and only after seeing the numbers each day, so not even a
human can accurately predict the market months in advance.  I know
that it is tempting to get caught up in all those robotic promises
because they make their reasoning easy to follow, and usually
emphasize the fact that when trading one should not be emotional,
which we humans are and robot are not, which true. A lot of people
are being dissatisfied with these robotic programs and are even calling
some scams, I can not give you my experience because my research
on these programs have never shown anything positive for long term
use. I hope you realize by now that I mostly buy products after
reading a number of positive reviews, hence my reason for not
buying any robotic Forex trading systems.  Some of my research
results come from this site:, this is a
very good site to get honest reviews on anything because no one
gets to sell affiliate products through the reviews. This site is also
a money maker because you too can give your honest
reviews for payment, so you can earn extra cash here as well.
Please tell me your experience, leave a note, thanks.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Day Job Killer Review

I bought this system a few months ago to see what all the
fuss was about.  Chris McNeeney promised that his system
will set me up to make a comfortable income online, allowing
me to quit my day job.  He did warned me in his sales letter that
his methods were not for the faint heart, and after I read his
methods I totally agreed with him..  He gives several methods
to use that will, if you use them all, allow you to see some success,
but I find it difficult to go into details with out letting out his secrets,
which will be kind of unethical.  His methods are cut throat, go for
the jugular, step on and over any one in the way.  I personally could
not use any of them because I did not feel comfortable implementing
these strategies but I know some people who had no problems
following his advice to the letter and had some success.  I think
everyone should check out his products - he has others and they
are all equally aggressive  and can lead to success if you are not the
faint heart.  So if you are interested in the dayjobkiller :
Click Here!
He also has a new one called "Affiliate X - Software, Systems and
Signals", it seems to be an upgrade to the old Affiliate X he had out,
about a year ago.  This new version is also selling very well for the
short time it was out.  I have not tried it but if I do I will let you
know.  So go to link below for Affiliate X.  
Click Here!
If you try any, let me know what you honestly think ,drop me a line,
as always I will love to hear from you.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

AutoCashSystem Review

The AutoCashSystem by Lanty Paul has a very good sales page.
It held my attention with his story line, which told you about how
he got his family members to start making money, almost overnight.
I was really curious to see what money maker he had found that
could really make money so quickly.  So I bought it and was
disappointed, I did not find anything that could have given his family
cash over night and also as a non-American, the main thing he
purposed, I was not qualified for.  So for other internationals this
would apply to you also.  He had other recommendations but
they were for a price, I must say that some were good and
probably worth what he was asking but I was so disappointed
with the first step, I felt cheated.  I ask for a refund about 30
minutes after I got it.  Maybe Americans will gain from it but
I do not see anyone getting any substantial cash from it, at least
not without putting a lot of cash in first.  If anyone bought it and
it is working let me know, drop me a line.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Bloggers Payback Review

Jason Gazaway's, Bloggers Payback is by far the best blogging
program I have seen in a long time.  It is the only one that I have
on my blog because I promised you honesty always.  I also
promise myself to never jeopardize my integrity, so lets move on.
I have a list of programs that I have bought and returned the same
day, this is the first program in a long time that I have decided to
keep.  It is so in-depth and it is a beginner's dream for blogging,
it has everything you need to start and it is very easy to follow,
step by step.  It shows how to get you blog/website index quickly;
how to monetized; how to get hosting, pick a domain name and
of course which platform to choose.  The program gives you
several successful blogger's themes to choose from, that will
be easy to install and use.  It tells how to make your blog/website
successful quickly and when it becomes successful how to "flip it"
to make more money.  There are several great bonuses that comes
with this program.  I have stressed how important this program
is for a beginner but don't let me mislead you, this program offers
invaluable information for everyone at any level of blogging.
I have to say that if you really want to test this program,
you will have to pay for some extra methods that will more than
likely push your blog in the lime light and get Google's attention fast.
However, you do not have to pay a cent more than what the
program cost and still be successful. Trust me when I say that this is
definitely worth taking a chance with.  If you decide to take a chance
let me know how it is working for you, drop me a line, in any case
leave a comment.

Bloggers Payback

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Cell Phone - A Tool For Gobal Development

When the cell phone/mobile phone was introduced to
the world, it was as a phenomenal thing.  It quickly
became a "play toy" for the rich, because it was very
expensive, hence unattainable to the average - poor in
society.  As the years passed, it became less expensive
until eventually every one, in the developed and developing
countries, was able to afford at least one.  This being the
case, every one became reachable, at any time, day or night.
It still remained a toy for all because users could down
load all types of games, music, have personal photos etc.
Nevertheless, there are some other parts of the world where
the cell phone is being discovered as a tool to link the under
privileged with the privileged.  It became Mary Wokhwale,
from Bukaweka, Uganda, means to a livelihood, as a "village
phone" operator.  It is allowing persons in her area and other
underdeveloped parts of the world to make big changes leading
to financial and social freedom. In places where roads are
impassable, one can now communicate with the outer world;
for those persons who have to travel miles to get to a bank,
they have found a solution.  They have developed a system
whereby, a person can top up his/her phone and send money
to another person far away.  This is made possible by village
shops playing the role of make shift banks.   As you can
appreciate these persons have come up with ingenious ideas
and I am sure there shall be more ideas to put into practice.
Who knew that this once luxurious tool would be responsible
for global development!  Please drop me a line, I will love to
hear from you.

Special thanks to:

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Wealthy Affiliate University Review

I was very curious about the Wealthy Affiliate University,
after all the positive things that people who were enrolled
were saying.  So I signed up, I needed to learn more
about SEO and getting tons of unique traffic to my
websites quickly.  I felt for sure that I will quickly find
"the secret answer, the secret techniques", that the gurus
who were running this university would reveal to me
because I was paying them to.  I also thought they would
be beginner's courses where you would start basic level
and move on as you master each step.  Instead I was sent
to a quick start area where I was to join the forum,
introduce myself and look around the website.  There
were no instructions for me, I quickly lost interest that first
visit.  I would go back often, especially after I read another
person's success story, I thought that it was just me who
could not seem to find the answers.  Most of the students
admitted that although the Wealthy Affiliate University
worked for them, it took over a year before they saw
success.  I paid 3 monthly fees, then I stopped, it did not
work for me, I did not want to spend that much money
each month without getting a quicker return.  Maybe
I shall regret quitting too early but for now I have no regrets.
So to those who have their own success stories with
Wealthy Affiliate University, I am happy for you and to
those who are going to enroll, I wish you luck.

Please leave your comments, I will love to hear from you.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

7 Money Making Secrets To Give Away

These are 7 money making secrets my friend share with me, so he gets all the credit. 
With his permission I am now sharing them with you.

"7 Insider Secrets Of Creating A Cash Gushing Virtual ATM Machine!" 
If you like his secrets and want more you can always check him out 
at the following:

Friday, October 2, 2009

Work From Home To Get Rich Quick

I started looking on line for an extra source of income to
strengthen my financial status.  Immediately I came across
numerous programs assuring me that each was the answer
to my prayers.  I gave in to some of the persuasive sales
letters and bought a few; lets just say I had a few
disappointments.  Since then I am more careful and picky
with the programs that I invest in and I only buy programs/ebooks,
through clickbank because of their guaranteed refund system.

Affiliate marketing is my niche in a broad term, since there are
many branches of this niche.  In this niche you must advertise
someone's product and get a commission.  To achieve success
you must get loads of traffic that will hopefully convert into sales,
hence giving you that extra source of income.  Most advisers online
will tell you  that the quickest way to get traffic is pay per click (PPC),
and they are right, but what they don't tell you how much you could
lose with PPC.  An advertiser can spend hundreds of dollars and not
get a sale;  these gurus show us clickbank statement logs as well as
cheques and paypal accounts with huge sums of money they claim to
earn.   Unfortunately some of these statements are faked to get us to
buy into the product and their success; most of the time these gurus
spend a handsome sum to get a significant quantity of sales. If you
are a beginner you should experiment with PPC but also spend time
on free classified ads websites, it maybe more time consuming but
profitable in the long run.

Don't be fooled by these sales letters that are designed to draw you
in, learn to distinguish the fluff from the real thing.  There is no such
program/ebook that can make you rich overnight, success is hard
work, you will get out what you put in. They are some legitimate
sources of income online and as well as honest advisers, just do
your research and very soon it shall all become clear and you too
will be successful.
Good luck.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Getting Traffic Is Hard Work

Every day there are thousands of people searching the net, desperate
to find an ingenious software that will deliver loads of traffic to their
sites.  As yet there is none that delivers on their promise, so we all
press on and continue to:

1) use ezine solo ads and PPC which gives quick traffic, but it can
be costly if you are inexperienced.

2) find forums and blogs in your niche and leave comments to get
some back links.

3) get yahoo back links with yahoo by leaving an answer
to a question.

4) offer free stuff on website or blog

5) add content to website or blog on a regular basis, google seem like
this a lot.

6) submit website or blog to directories and social networks such as
twitter, facebook, and other social bookmarkers.

7) offer valuable information eg "the top 5 money makers",
where I have a tool that gives me all my information easily:

8) Submit articles to numerous article directories, such as and  If people find them
interesting they can bring loads of hits.  I recently
found a great way to see the most popular articles, hence
check what topic people are looking for, use the keywords
and you will get traffic. Just put in the topic you
are researching follow by this code in the box below, which
you copy and paste, then watch in amazement at what you get. 
I learned this from Jack Duncan:
Updated 6/6-Google Traffic Loophole...Hot Niches In Under 3 Seconds + EZA Success Spying "This article has been viewed 2000..199999" "Article Submitted On: * *, 2009"

Friday, September 18, 2009

I am an Ezine Article Author

As of today I am an Ezine Article Author, my article,
"Reviewing 2 Online Money Makers" - has been accepted 
and published on
I also earned Expert Author status:
This is my first article, and it was such an easy 
process, I can not believe how easy. I am always told
that writing articles, will help my Google ranking, 
but I could never find the time nor the mind set to 
sit down and write an article. Most importantly, 
I never knew what to write about,then it hit me one
day when I was searching for reviews on an online 
money maker I was thinking of buying. There were 
numerous opinions but in the end I was still confused
because I could not tell fact from fiction. So I was
there thinking,"why can't I find just one write up 
that is pure facts, no agenda, nothing to gain?". 
That was when I decided to write my first article 
and hope that it would help at least one person in 
obtaining some clarity in their decision making. 
I hope to continue in the future to provide only 
factual articles that shall not be a waste of your
time.  You can always let me know if I succeed
by dropping me a line here. 
So now that I have achieved this goal, with it comes
the privilege of putting this little "badge of honor"
on my websites. 
So congratulations to me, Yah!!!   

As Featured On EzineArticles

As Featured On EzineArticles 
Some of my websites: 

Monday, September 7, 2009




Saturday, August 29, 2009

Reviewing 2 Online Money Makers

During the short time I have been marketing online I have invested in some "online money makers", some were scams while others were promising. Today I shall tell you about 2 systems that I am using, the Zero Friction Marketing and eCurrency Arbitrage, this is not a sales pitch, just a comparison so relax and read. Both of these systems work similarly but they still differ.

eCurrency Arbitrage and Zero Friction Marketing systems basically work by offering payment to give things away for free. So you buy the systems and in both you get a very detailed tutorial with step by step procedures to earn money online. With both systems you get a great support team anytime to help you. With eCurrency Arbitrage there is even a live call in session every other Wednesday night where people from all over the world participate, also these calls are recorded and placed in the members area for those who could not call in that night. Zero Friction Marketing does not have this feature but you can still call and email for support and the response is quick.

If you are looking to make money online the easiest area is affiliate marketing, where you sign up to sell things for people and get a profit without alot of hard work. These 2 systems deal with affiliate marketing but this area of affiliate marketing is much easier for success because you are not asking anyone the pull out their credit cards, hence they will gratefully accept your gifts, and you get paid.

You also get a lot of bonuses when you buy either one of these products and they are all valuable to have but I think eCurrency Arbitrage has the edge in that it gives you a real free website, while Zero Friction Marketing help you make your own website. Most programs vow to give you a free website but all they really give you is a web page which is not really yours because you can not go behind the scenes and change/add anything You can make millions from having your own website but creating it is not free so this is truly a gift to cherish. With Zero Friction Marketing system you learn of more companies to sign up with for free.

Both systems taught me everything I know so I can not honestly say which is better, but I started with eCurrency Arbitrage and as a non-USA and non-Canadian it was not so easy for me to make money right away, that is when I invested in the Zero Friction Marketing system. Without the knowledge I gained from eCurrency Arbitrage I would not have been as successful with Zero Friction Marketing System, but that is not to take anything away from Zero Friction Marketing because on its own you can be very successful. If you have any queries please ask, I am always willing to help. If you want to see an example of eCurrency Arbitrage free website Click here to see mine, it is still a work in progress.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Affiliate Marketing and Online Money Makers

Affiliate marketing is suppose to be a sure path to
financial freedom. There are alot of people walking around
with fat wallets as a result of affiliate marketing
I believe it was easier two years ago to make a fortune
with affiliate marketing because the competition
was not as fierce as it is today. Some persons would
disagree, saying that there are more products so it
balances out. That maybe so but CPC campaigns
such as Google were not as expensive then as they
are today. So what do you say, in your experience
do you agree or disagree that it is an easy source
of income? Drop me a line, lets chat.