Saturday, January 23, 2010

Google Loves Blogs With Original Posts

I always heard that Google loves blogs with original posts, therefore
do not go to those free articles sites and post those articles on your
site.  Well I beg to differ, I have been posting only my personal
thoughts and recommendations on my blog and Google slap me
down any way.  On the other hand, I have another blog that I use
a mixture of my original posts and free articles and that blog is
doing well with google. No webmaster seems to know the guide-
lines that google works with when it come to ranking your site.
As a blogger you are told to keep away from black hat tricks;
get back links by commenting on blogs and forums; try pay per
click advertising; get RSS feeds; no prognography; no copy
and paste other persons' materials, and the list goes on.
Therefore based on my experienced, and since I have fol-
lowed all the rules and still got shot down, I can only conclude
that google must be ranking sites based primarily on the amount
of traffic to each site.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Money - Writing For Greeting Cards

It seems that writing for greeting cards companies can be a very
profitable home based job.  If you are a good writer, a poet, and
very creative, then this job is for you.  All you need to know is how
to translate emotions into words; be able to say exactly what a
person would love to say eloquently.  You can also find your niche
in this market, so that you would not have to jump from one emotion
to another.  Therefore if you find that you are better at putting happy
thoughts on paper then that will be your niche, writing for birthdays
valentine's day, Christmas etc. On the other hand, if you can cheer
up a person with your words, translate their grief into words, give
a person hope for the future amidst a hopeless situation then this
will be your niche.  Once you have found your niche you will excel
in this job market.  If you want to get into this market, you first have
to submit you work to some companies, it will best as a novice to
submit your work first to small companies, where there is less com-
petition and you can get individual attention, for writing tips etc.  At
the moment there isn’t much competition in the greeting card market,
so now is time for you to try and see if this can be your primary
source of income.  In line with what you submit, the pay can be in
the range of a low $3 per line to $150 per verse with a humorous
caption.  Please note that each greeting card verse can earn a writer
something in between $50 and $150.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Earn extra money online with photography

If you own a digital camera and enjoy taking photos, you can make
a good income with stock photography.  Stock photography
includes images of people, landscapes, buildings, concepts, animals,
objects, and events that can be sold to and used by a wide variety
of media outlets. Stock photographs are photos that are licensed
for commercial use by newspapers, magazines, advertising agencies,
graphic artists, and website designers, among others.  Most
photographers will eventually concentrate on a particular niche market
for their photos.  Some niches include nature, sports, medical,  travel,
landscape, houses etc.  If you are interested you should first go to
some websites and see what kind of photos they take, so that you
would know what they are looking for.  Also you would have an idea
of what the payments are, since each website's payment plan is
different. "iStock" pays contributors a base royalty rate of 20% for
each file downloaded. If you are an Exclusive contributor you can
earn up to 40%. Since iStock introduced subscriptions in May
2008, there's potential to make even more on each file, especially
for Exclusives. With "shutterstock" you earn USD 0.25 per image
downloaded and with "dreamstime", you get 50-80% from each
sale you make. The photographer usually charges a one-time
fee for use of the stock photo, since the photo will be royalty-
free.  Even though the price might seem low, do not dismiss
this money maker because the earning potential is great.  Some
photographers earns hundreds, even thousands of dollars a
month, depending on quantity, quality and demand of  the
particular photos. Therefore you can even turn this into a
primary cash cow.  Good luck.
Shutterstock, Fotolia, Dreamstime, iStockPhoto

Monday, January 4, 2010

Blogger vs Wordpress

I had to take some time out to praise Google's blogger platform.
Most bloggers sing the praises of, but I am a fan of  When I decided to start my first blog, I checked out
both platforms and I liked what Google was offering and I have not
regretted my choice.  My second blog, Anti-Aging Truths, is with
wordpress.  Although wp is user friendly, it is not as user friendly as
google, for a first time blogger.  Google platform allows you to
easily choose and implement widgets, while with wp you can easily
choose widgets but not all are easy to implement if you are a novice.
With google when you make your choice or editing your widgets,
you can preview your blog to see the effects/to make sure that you
like the position.  When you are satisfied with your results and you
save your changes, that is exactly how your blog will appear.  Unlike
wp, where even though the steps are simple you can not always see
your changes after you make them, it is frustrating.  Google is also
very easy to monetized with adsense, as appose to wp where you
have to do research on how and where to place the code.  My only
problem with google's blogger is that it is not as easy to verify your
site with yahoo, bing nor even google; while wp has a tool verifier to
verify all three codes easily.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Daniel Solin's Opinion on Gurus

Daniel Solin's is a Senior Vice President of Index Funds Advisors,
Inc. ( He is the author of The Smartest Retirement Book
You'll Ever Read (Perigee Books, 2009). His other books include
the New York Times bestsellers The Smartest Investment Book
You'll Ever Read and The Smartest 401(k) Book You'll Ever Read.
See I read an article that he wrote
for, that I found very interesting, specially the

"There are no financial gurus out there.

Generations of investors have devoted a lot of time and money to
the search for a guru who can guide them to financial success.
But here's the cold harsh reality: They don't exist.

William Bernstein said it best in his latest book,  
The Investors Manifesto, Preparing for Prosperity, Armageddon
, and Everything in Between: "The reason that 'guru' is such a
popular word is because 'charlatan' is so hard to spell."

We now know Bernie Madoff was no guru. But many of the most
sophisticated investors in the world thought otherwise. Wealthy
investors thought hedge fund managers had found the holy grail:
huge returns with little risk. Since 2006, 117 major hedge funds
at 71 fund families have imploded. Even CNBC's Jim Cramer is
wrong about as often as he is right. And "Dr. Doom", Nouriel
Roubini, may have been right about the economic meltdown in
2008, but he has been terribly wrong about the market recovery
in 2009.

Financial "experts" love to give their opinions about all aspects
of investing: When to buy and sell; what stocks are hot; whether
gold is a good or bad buy ... the list goes on. But the odds that
their predictions are correct are about the same as random choice.
Investors who rely on such financial advice risk financial failure."


Saturday, January 2, 2010

Autoblogging software

I must confess that recently blogging has been taking a lot out of me,
hence I decided to look into autoblogging with more interest.  The
bloggers payback that I absolutely love, offers an autoblogger
software package.  When you first purchase the bloggers payback
program, you are given an one time offer for the autoblogging
package, which is separate and distinct from the bloggers payback
price, if you decline that offer, after that you pay US$57.00.  So I
paid the $57.00 and downloaded my package.  Jason did a good
job with the video tutorial, but unfortunately for me, the most
important part for me, was where he fell down, because it surrounded
the extracting of files via filezilla.  I have never used filezilla and found
it difficult to understand, and to top it all off, I could not get connected
to the server via filezilla.  I tried every suggestion offered by filezilla
forum and other support, and nothing worked for me.  At the end I
was totally frustrated and I asked for a refund.  I am still using the
bloggers payback and I still think it is better than a lot a offers I am
being bombarded with on a daily basis. Just so you know, if you are
thinking about autoblogging and want to try Jason's package make sure
you know about filezilla. 

Thursday, December 31, 2009

The 5 Best Investments

Most persons are always on the look out for great investment
opportunities, so here are 5 companies that will definitely give
great returns. 1) Disney is still going strong and more people are
appreciating it as a family adventure, therefore it is not only for
kids anymore. 2) McDonald's, is continuing to diversify and is
catering for healthy eaters.  It is really trying make a name for
it self  by providing a menu with tons of healthy quick meals.
3) Bing is climbing fast and has already surpassed Yahoo, this
is one companiy to watch.  Most people on the internet be they
"buyers or sellers", are now beginning to acknowledge Bing's
worth. 4) Apple, as we know is continuing on the road of
excellence. With its computers and cellphone applications,
its sale figures far surpassed others this year.  Apple is always
looking for ways to top its own record, it is never laid back.
5) Google, this is the big man in the arena, Google is also
continually diversifying, and with its latest investment/takeover
in the mobile sector, there will be no stopping Google now.
Therefore an investment in any one of the 5 mentioned shall
surely bring handsome returns.  Good luck.